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May 5th, 2014

3:03 PM



Just released from Torrid Books – the latest

Torrid Classic


the Christy Poff collection:


Dark Illusions.


DARK ILLUSIONS by Christy Poff - Click Image to Close


Check it out at torridbooks.com


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April 7th, 2014

3:06 PM



How remiss of me not to check first of the month releases at Torrid Books when I usually have them available on or about the 15th...


April Fools on me...

AT CROSS ENDS by Christy Poff - Click Image to Close


From the Torrid Classic line - AT CROSS ENDS - one of my favorites.


Also available on NOOK and Kindle.



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March 20th, 2014

12:53 PM



Finally, after a brief delay, this month’s Torrid Classic – Blue Velvet – has released.


BLUE VELVET by Christy Poff - Click Image to Close



Check it out at: torridbooks.com


 When Ethan Kingsley loses his wife to suicide, he virtually gives up on life and love until he meets an elegant but wild beauty with a velvety touch.

   Roni Carlin is wild though she keeps this side of her personality a secret until she meets a man who brings the not-so-velvety side out.

   Now Ethan and Roni have to fight past demons in order to hold onto their blue velvet love


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March 17th, 2014

1:29 AM


 I have been told that I have a wee bit of Irish in me so with that said - 

Happy St. Patrick's Day
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February 15th, 2014

2:28 PM


 THE SHADOW OF HER SMILE by Christy Poff - Click Image to Close

Laurell is desperate to save her birthright - Ravencroft.

    Cole, an international gambler, tries to help her while exacting his own revenge.

    Will the shadow of her smile be enough to keep them safe?

The re-release of THE SHADOW OF HER SMILE as a Torrid Classic. Now out from Torrid Books - check it out!!!!


Hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day!

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January 15th, 2014

10:37 PM



Released earlier today – Entranced by Jasmyne – now a Torrid Classic. (www.torridbooks.com)


 King Yasir of Ardala seeks help from the United States government to stop an impending coup by rebels in his tiny emirate, knowing the threat comes from within his own rule. 

Jolene is sent undercover to pose as his wife while trying to uncover the answers he needs only she poses a threat of a different kind when she marries the sheik for real.

Yasir is deeply entranced by Jasmyne in every way. Can the royal couple stop the coup and the evil behind it or will the past overpower their future?


Enjoy this timeless tale of love mixed with danger and intrigue – whether it’s the first time or once again.

ENTRANCED BY JASMYNE by Christy Poff - Click Image to Close

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January 15th, 2014

10:30 PM



Hey, everyone…


I realize it has been a bit since I last posted anything but it seems I went on vacation in October and didn’t really end it. So let me catch up…


Hope your Halloween was scary and spooky and lots of fun.


On Veteran’s Day, did you honor our veterans for their service in all wars? Of course, we should remember this every day and not just one or two days a year. To you of you serving in our military, thank you for your service.


Did you overeat on Thanksgiving? We tried something different and went to Charlie Brown’s where we enjoyed a very delicious and filling dinner. No, we did not go shopping that day though I saw some of the horror stories on the news. I laid out plans and took care of my shopping and actually got some taken care of that weekend.

We enjoyed a busy Christmas with family and friends. The grandkids enjoyed their LEGOs and cookies. All in all, we had an enjoyable and fun holiday. Plus, we actually had snow falling at the same time that I watched White Christmas – a rare occurrence.


And now, it’s 2014 – half a month already gone and we’ve seen a polar vortex which made things downright frigid all over the United States. Have begun to get caught up but we all know we never really do. One thing out of the way and something else pops up to take its place.


There are a few surprises coming this year so keep an eye out here and on the Facebook page.


May everyone have a happy and safe new year…


Best Always,


Christy Poff and MC Scout


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October 3rd, 2013

3:41 PM



In Memory of…




          Vince Flynn             &          Tom Clancy


Two amazing authors who will be truly missed along with their awesome characters.


Rest in Peace, Gentlemen

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July 15th, 2013

3:28 PM



Eyes of Darkness Megabook #3 has released from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid—now Torrid Books—today, June 15th. Of course, there is a new giveaway. To celebrate this, I will be giving away a pair of mini-chandelier earrings, a silver-tone necklace and earrings set plus an ornament from the International Wolf Center in Minnesota.  Drawing will be held on August 19th, 2013.


To enter: send your name, mailing address, email address and the answers to the questions below to christysflame3@gmail.com with Darkness in the subject line.  (One entry per person, please.)


Question 1: Name this year’s winner of Lord Stanley’s Cup (NHL). Also, who won the Conn Smythe trophy honoring the series MVP?

Answer 1:


Question 2: On Top Gear (BBC), which presenter plays drums?

Answer 2:


Question 3: What is the capital and largest city in Romania?

Answer 3:


Good luck to everyone who enters.


EYES OF DARKNESS MEGABOOK VOLUME 3 by Christy Poff - Click Image to Close


Feel the heat...

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June 15th, 2013

4:22 PM



MIDNIGHT RIDER: SOUTHERN LEGACIES BOOK 5 by M. C. Scout - Click Image to Close


Southern Legacies #5: Midnight Rider
has released from Torridbooks.com.

Jefferson Davis' generals need any help they can get to defeat the enemy in blue-the Midnight Rider one of his advantages. Ian Stanford can ride in and out of an area without the North knowing until it's too late.
Lilith Bonham's home becomes a battleground when a rogue detachment decides to make life hell for those who are trying to make it through the War Between the States. Her mysterious Uncle Ian helps out when she needs him but she finds she needs the man more.
Will Ian and Lilith survive a Union officer after them both while not realizing he's actually chasing the notorious Midnight Rider?

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